Developement and test of gaiasafe filters

Because of their special production procedure gaiasafe filters may be a composition of a multiplicity of different active agents which are acting during the purification process in a concerted action. Even in that case when the gaiasafe filter is containing only one active agent the filter works different in comparison to common filter materials. Reason for this is, that gaiasafe filters have been consequently designed and produced in a way to give the filter an target architecture which is minimizing diffusion pathways for the water impurities. So the water impurities need much less time until they reach the chemical or physical reaction places at the active agents where they are sorbed, chemical bound or chemical decomposed than in every conventional filter material.

Consequences of these facts are a lot of advantages

- the fast action of gaiasafe filters,

- the possible multifunctional purification action of gaiasafe filters on complex water contaminant compositions containing many contaminants of different contaminant classes,

- the possibility, not to be forced to use gaiasafe filters in a traditional fixed bed formation,

- the possibility to use gaiasafe filters as free floating dispersed chopped filter wool, filter bags, filter strings or filter stripes which may be hang without any motion into the water to be cleaned

- their easy handling as gaiasafe filter bags or many different alternatives in form and use

All analytical and microbiological tests during developement and internal certification of gaiasafe filters have been carried out by the well-known Institut für Immunologie, Department Umwelthygiene of the Philipps-University of Marburg.