Adaption of gaiasafe filter processes to special industrial purposes

The gaiasafe filter principle is not localized only to the field of water purification of low contaminat levels. All kinds of aqueous liquid product purifications including heavy contaminated industrial waste water purification may be done by gaiasafe filter processes. The gaiasafe filter process may be suitable to eliminate nearly all kinds and all possible concentrations of dissolved and dispersed impurities in watery liquids. Until now we have not found any borders concerning the water impurity elimination capacity of the gaiasafe filter process. We are sure gaiasafe filter technology will exceed by far the now known elimination capacity we found out until now. For this reason every new purification problem brought to gaiasafe to be solved has a very good chance to be overcome by finding out the right gaiasafe filter technology adaption.

List of some advantages of gaiasafe filter media for water purification in the technical/industrial area

- extrem low technical expenditure for water purification

- no chemical dosage problems

- low investment- und maintenance costs

- simple dewatering and drying of the loaded filter media

- no sludge is produced even when extremly with suspended matter contaminated aqueous media are purified with the gaiasafe filter media

- simple processing of the dried contaminant loaded gaiasafe filter media in the thermal enegy production

- elimination of different dissolved and undissolved classes of contaminants within one purification step

Call for clients who have problems with liquid product purification or industrial waste water cleaning

gaiasafe takes orders for feasibility studies about adaption gaiasafe filters and gaiasafe filter processes to all kinds of industrial and non-industrial clients special water purification and aqueous liquid purification purposes. To carry out feasibility studies for clients gaiasafe needs dates about

- the kind of impurities to be eliminated,

- the elimination rate targets and

- a sample of the liquid to be purified to test.