gaiasafe filter products for drinking water purification


In some water works chlorination of drinking water is used to eliminate mikrobes. Chlorinated water may have disagreable taste and smell. Some water works use aluminium salts to clean the water. This leads to low concentrations of aluminium in drinking water. Today it is known that aluminium may be toxic to men. Old piping installations inside or outside private homes often where made of lead. Today installations in most cases are made of copper pipes which are connected by lead and tin containing solders. Especially by those corrosion processes which may occure in agressive waters or those waters which have not enough mineral content to scale the pipes high concentrations of these toxic metals the piping installation is made of will contaminate the drinking water.

In some cases ground water is naturally contaminated by impurities like nickel or arsenic.

The specific agricultural production rate of today exceeds that of former times by orders of magnitude. This became possible by means of fertilizers and many kinds of biozides. Some of these biozides penetrate the soil and contaminate groundwater resources which are pumped off to produce drinking water.

In many private households complex installations are in use to eliminate the hardnes of tea or coffee water. These apparatures are based on a fixed bed filter filled in most cases with ion exchange resins and activated carbon. The fixed bed filters of these filter devices have to be changed when the filter capacity is exhausted. The time until the filter capacity is exhausted depends on the mineral content of the drinking water which is very different from locality to locality. An overload with calcium may lead to an release of heavy metals bound in the fixed bed filter. To prevent microbical contamination of the drinking water the fixed bed filters desorb biozides. To keep the user in a good health by only eliminating the contaminants from drinking water these fixed bed filters are unsuitable because they eliminate the very essential minerals magnesium and calcium in drinking water. An other main disadvantage of these fixed bed filters containing ion exchange resins is their unability to sorb metalloids like arsenic or selenium from drinking water. These elements are known as geogene contaminants in some areas. Over all the fixed bed filter containing devices are relative voluminous which may be rather uncomfortable especially in small kitchens.


gaiasafe filter bags have none of these disadvantages. The gaiasafe filter containing filter bag is put in contact with the drinking water to be purified for 6 hours (cold water) or 15 minutes (cooking water). After this simple procedure the water is clean and all essential minerals remained therein. One gaiasafe filter bag can clean about 5 liters of drinking water in maximum.

gaiasafe filter bags are able to reduce all of the above mentioned toxic water impurities. All of these impurities and many more like for instance quicksilver and selenium are reduced to a high amount. For many of these impurities especially for the most toxic ones like lead, chlorine, copper, arsenic and aluminium the reduction rate by gaiasafe filter bags is positioned between 90 % and more than 99 %.

List of some advantages of gaiasafe filter bags over existig drinking water filter systems for private homes

- gaiasafe filter bags only reduce the drinking water impurities but not the essential minerals,

- gaiasafe filter bags do not release any biozid compound into the purified drinking water,

- gaiasafe filter bags do not release any mikrobes into the purified drinking water,

- gaiasafe filter bags cannot release any toxic substance by overloading because they are used only one time,

- gaiasafe filter bags have a high sorption capacity for the toxic metalloids arsenic and selenium,

- gaiasafe filter bags are extreme simply to handle they can not be misoperated,

- gaiasafe filter bags do not need any place when used.

Call for parties interested in licenses for production or sales of gaiasafe filter products for drinking water purification

At the moment actions are in preparation to bring gaiasafe filters to the consumer market for purification of drinking water in private households. Parties which are interested in licenses for production or sales of gaiasafe filter products in these areas are invited to contact us.