gaiasafe filter - new technology for water purification

The new developed gaiasafe filter makes it possible to clean water by an absolute simple one step process. Water dissolved impurities and toxic compounds especially

- heavy metals like nickel, lead, copper and quicksilver,

- aluminium,

- metalloids like arsenic and selenium,

- anionic and nonionic sulfur compounds like sulfides, polysulfides and hydrogensulfide,

- chlorine and

- organic compounds

can be eliminated by chemical reaction and sorption in a one step processing stage now by gaiasafe filters.

This process is so easy and so simple, that it can be done in every private household without need of any technical apparatus only by means of small bags filled with gaiasafe filter (size of a tea bag) which may be hang up into any kind of pot filled with the water to be cleaned. With one bag a quantity of 5 l of drinking water can be purified.

gaiasafe filter may be used successful for many different water purification purposes like purification of

- drinking water, cooking water, tea water, coffee water and all kind of water used for food and drink making in private households as well as in offices and restaurants,

- industrial waste water,

- contaminated well water,

- contaminated ground water,

- mine water,

- all kinds of industrial aqueous products.